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Williams’ interstate gas pipeline and gathering & processing operations span the United States, including strategic assets in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, the Rockies, the Pacific Northwest and the Eastern Seaboard.

Williams and Williams Partners 4th Quarter Earnings Release

Earnings were released on Wednesday.

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Pipe Up Blog

Improved natural gas access can help address NYC’s heating woes

The New York Daily News recently reported that more than 320,000 public housing residents — or a staggering 80% — lost their heat or hot water at some point this winter. As frigid weather conditions continue to hammer the Northeast, the importance of reliable, cost-effective energy infrastructure has been a hot topic of conversation. “This winter had the … Continue reading Improved natural gas access can help address NYC’s heating woes

Natural Gas Works with Renewables to Meet Energy Needs

In a time when the U.S. is the world’s largest energy consumer, our nation is equipped with an abundant and versatile supply of resources. Ensuring we have the capacity to meet our energy needs is key, and that requires a diverse energy portfolio. Renewable energy, a quickly growing sector, is one piece of the puzzle. … Continue reading Natural Gas Works with Renewables to Meet Energy Needs

Building pipeline station will bring jobs, tax monies

A recent article in the Victoria Advocate provides an update on the construction of Williams’ Gulf Connector project, which was approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in November 2017. The paper notes that construction of the approximately $200 million project is on schedule to begin in February 2018, requiring a crew of  approximately 100 workers to construct the new … Continue reading Building pipeline station will bring jobs, tax monies

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