College Students

A career at Williams isn’t just about what you have learned, it’s about applying and learning even more. It isn’t about knowing all the answers, but coming up with new and more relevant questions.  It isn’t about memorizing how things have been done, it’s about finding new and better ways to do various things. Williams offers many different programs for college students and recent graduates. Below you can read about our internship program as well as our rotation program.


At Williams, interns gain valuable knowledge through hands on experience with Williams’ professionals. Our internships are a great way to apply what you know and be stretched to learn even more.  Interns at Williams gain this experience through various projects, intern events, seminars, and face to face time with our executive officer team and CEO.  Interns leave with a new understanding of our industry, Williams, and themselves.  For more information, visit your school’s career services office/site, or apply through our job posting website.  Select “yes” on the internship filter to see all currently available internships. Internships may be available in Business, Information Technology (IT), and Engineering.

What interns are saying

“Although I had prior work experience from other internships, I had never been exposed to the energy industry firsthand. My internship at Williams was a great learning opportunity. In addition to my assigned projects, I was able to further my knowledge through various presentations, discussions with people in other departments, and a field trip to visit Williams’ assets in Conway, Kansas.”  Cory

“One thing I appreciate about Williams is the safety culture.  Williams has made it obvious that my safety at work as well as at home is of utmost importance.  Williams has taught me that safety isn’t something you can leave at a construction site, but rather something you must always bring with you, wherever you go.” Shandra

“My internship was filled with constant learning, networking, and exposure all within a great business environment. I got the opportunity to support different projects aside from the project I was assigned, letting me interact with people outside of my group and learn about different parts of the company.” Karen

Rotation Programs

Our rotation programs allow new college graduates to make significant contributions within the company by exposing them to a wide variety of experiences.  Participants gain leadership skills, operational and technical knowledge, and create key networks through various professional events.  By rotating to various positions within the company, participants accelerate their learning and sharpen their skills, thus opening doors to personally targeted positions throughout the organization.  Rotations are approximately one year each, with the overall program length ranging from two to three years.  Some options may be available for longer programs for those individuals wanting to gain additional skills.  Available rotation tracks include Business, Information Technology (IT), and Engineering. Read more about this program.