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America’s Energy Future. Right Now.
America's Energy Future Right Now. America needs energy. We need hands-on problem-solvers like Kelsie, a 2009 chemical engineering grad. Kelsie is helping us build large-scale infrastructure to develop vast sources of clean-burning natural gas, safely and efficiently. So far, Kelsie’s already worked on business-critical projects in New Mexico and Pennsylvania. Forward thinkers driving long-term solutions. At Williams, we make energy happen. Read More »

America’s Energy Future. Right Now.

Kelsie began her work at Williams as an intern, entered one of our rotation programs and is now a part of the Williams team working in Marcellus Shale.

“I interviewed at a lot of different places, and Williams seemed the most committed to making sure the intern experience was an engineering experience and not just pushing paper,” Kelsie says.

Most recently Kelsie lead an effort to install automated control systems at 11 compressor stations in southwestern Pennsylvania. She also managed projects to add a flare at one station and coordinated the installation of high-tech metering at two other stations.

These improvements help reduce our systems down time and improve efficiency.

“What I love about our industry is that we are always working to become more efficient and more environmentally friendly,” she said. “Things continue to change and improve and there is always new technology to research and implement.”

There are a lot of reasons to work at Williams. It isn’t just about competitive pay and a robust benefits package. Working at Williams means the opportunity to grow with a company that is one of the largest providers of energy infrastructure in North America.

Working at Williams means being challenged and receiving the support to succeed. A career at Williams can be as exciting and rewarding as you make it.

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