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Natural Gas Liquids

Natural Gas Liquids

Overland Pass Pipeline

Overland Pass Pipeline includes a 760-mile natural gas liquids (NGL) pipeline from Opal, Wyo., to the Mid-Continent NGL market center in Conway, Kan., along with 150- and 125-mile extensions into the Piceance and Denver-Julesberg Basins in Colorado, respectively. Overland Pass Pipeline Company is a joint venture between Williams Partners and ONEOK Partners.

Mid-continent Fractionation & Storage (Conway, Kan.) 

Today, more than 21 million barrels of storage for ethane, propane, butane, natural gasoline and naphtha can be found at Williams’ Conway facilities known as Mid-continent Fractionation & Storage. This underground storage meets the needs of customers by providing rail, truck and high-volume product movements from three distinct facilities – Conway Underground East, Conway West and Mitchell.

Along with a 100,000-plus barrel per day fractionator, these caverns make Conway a vital hub for a major portion of hydrocarbons moving through the Midwest.

Fractionation Services

Williams operates a 107,000-barrel-per-day fractionator near McPherson, Kan. This fractionator receives mixed natural gas liquids from the gathering areas in west Texas, western Oklahoma, Colorado and Kansas. The purity products are then transported to the Midwest and the Texas Gulf Coast.

Williams operates a 42,000-barrel-per-day fractionator located near Paradis, La., that receives mixed NGLs from the Discovery pipeline, which services deepwater exploration and production in the central Gulf Coast. Williams also owns a 30 percent interest in the 60,000-barrel-per-day fractionator located near Baton Rouge, La.

Williams owns the only olefinic fractionator in Western Canada located in Redwater, Alberta, near Edmonton. The facility fractionates a natural gas liquids and olefins mixture transported by our Boreal Pipeline from our liquids extraction plant in Fort McMurray. On a yearly basis, the facility produces approximately 2 million barrels of propane, 150 million pounds of polymer grade propylene, 727,000 barrels of normal butane, 672,000 barrels of alky-feed and 250,000 barrels of olefinic condensate.