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Northwest Pipeline Expansion Projects

Northwest Pipeline Expansion Projects

Natural gas is universally recognized as the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel available. Williams’ Northwest pipeline provides reliable, economic natural gas transportation services to the western United States and is committed to meeting the region’s ever-growing energy needs. The availability of clean and affordable energy is key to the success of promoting economic development while attracting and retaining industries in any community. Following is a summary of major expansion and maintenance projects on our Northwest Pipeline system.

South Seattle Delivery Lateral Expansion Project
Miles of Pipe 4
Capacity 68,000 dekatherms per day of natural gas
Market South Seattle area
FERC filing June 2012
Construction Start Summer 2013
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Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline Project
Miles of Pipe 232
Capacity 1 million cubic feet per day of natural gas
Market Pacific Northwest and Asia
FERC Filing June 2013
 In Service Date 4th quarter 2017
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Washington Expansion Project
Miles of Pipe 140
Capacity Incremental 750,000 dekatherms per day to interconnect
Market Pacific Northwest
FERC filing June 2013
Proposed In-Service Date 4th quarter 2018
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