What majors does Williams recruit for?

Williams recruits for engineering (chemical, mechanical, civil, electrical and environmental are preferred) and business (finance, accounting and MIS are preferred).

What can I expect from an internship at Williams?

We offer challenging intern opportunities in engineering, information management and business. If you have the ability and drive to learn from the best in the industry and the desire to contribute to something much bigger than yourself, you’ll fit right in. Throughout the summer you’ll have the opportunity to interface with and learn from Williams’ leaders and participate in activities with your fellow interns. We provide robust training and development throughout your internship designed to accelerate your knowledge and learning, so you can succeed in a high-performing environment.

How long are the internships at Williams?

Internships usually last through the summer, or about three months.

What is the timeline of the recruiting process?

Each semester we are on campuses around the country recruiting interns and future graduates. We begin on-campus recruiting in September.  Interviews typically take place after the Career Fair, and offers are extended to students usually around October or November.  Depending on organizational needs, we may recruit for opportunities in the spring as well.

How do I apply for an internship at Williams?

Submit your resume for consideration by going to Williams Careers and searching “internship.”  This will allow you to find positions you may be interested in.

How should I prepare for an on-campus interview?

Review our annual reports, current industry topics, talk to current employees, former interns, and your teachers. Your school’s career services office may also have information to assist you including practice interviews, questions, and advice. Arrive a few minutes early and have a copy of your transcript and resume with you.  Business dress is appropriate.

Where will my internship be located?

Location depends on the type of position and the specific internship.  Internships vary from an office environment, to assignments at our field assets, and sometimes a combination of both. Many interns get to travel to field locations even if they are based out of one of our offices.

Are Williams internships paid?

Yes, all of our internships are paid positions.  Every year we assess industry and market standards to determine fair and competitive pay. We also offer assistance in summer housing and help you to get acquainted with the city in which you are interning.

Do you hire interns for full time positions after graduation?

Preference is given to our successful interns for full-time positions and returning internships. If an intern has shown to be the right fit for our company and Williams the right fit for them, we are very interested in maintaining that relationship.

Does Williams offer a program where I can learn a variety of different functions within the company?

Our Rotation Programs are a great way to learn about different jobs within the company.  Employees in our programs are recent graduates and spend times in various departments, depending on their area of discipline.

What if I am not interested in the Rotation or Intern Programs?  Does Williams directly hire new college graduates?

Many of our employees are direct hires.  The rotation program and intern program are not the only choices you have.  If you are interested in working for Williams as a direct hire, please apply at Williams Careers.