Time Off

Whether your idea of time off is scuba diving in the Caribbean or gardening in your backyard, everyone needs an opportunity to refresh and revitalize. Williams Way to Wellness encourages you to find balance between work and relaxation as one of the components of long-term health. That’s why Williams provides options for you to take time as needed to stay healthy, spend time with your family and participate in activities that lead to work/life balance.

We provide several resources to help you balance your work and personal life:

  • Paid time off for vacation, sick days or personal issues
  • Paid holidays
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Military Service Leave
  • Witness and Jury Duty
  • Flexible work schedules if appropriate
  • Maternity leave is covered under short-term disability benefits. Benefits are generally payable for 6 weeks following the birth of a child (may be longer if required by medical certification)

Other unpaid leaves are available for family medical, education, military leave past 12 months, personal reasons or other reasons provided under applicable law.