Eligibility Requirements

Only current, active employees are eligible for the Homegrown Giving program.

Williams may suspend, change or terminate the program at any time. The Williams Foundation Board and the Williams Executive Officer Team shall determine the interpretation, applications and administration of the program provisions and their decisions shall be final. The Manager, Charitable Giving has the discretionary authority to interpret the terms of the Homegrown Giving Program summarized in this document to determine eligibility.


  • Employee involvement is required. Williams will not accept applications to the Homegrown Giving program for organizations in which there is no direct current employee involvement
  • Request must identify a community-related need in an area where Williams conducts business
  • Organizations already receiving funding from the Williams Foundation or the company will be evaluated based on their need for additional funding

Eligible Organizations and Requests

  • Arts organizations, such as museums, performing arts, fine arts, community arts projects, zoological, botanical or historical societies
  • Tickets to events for clients of non-profit organizations or students
  • Community environmental programs, including environmental protection, conservation, and animal protection programs
  • School indoor and outdoor playground equipment, musical instruments
  • PTA/PTO Fundraisers and individual school foundation fundraisers
  • Animal Shelters
  • School renovations
  • Literacy & Targeted Academic Improvement Programs (i.e. math, reading, science, language)
  • Youth Extracurricular Activities, examples include:

o    Local Competitive sports teams and leagues

o    Little leagues

o    Booster Clubs

o    Youth rodeo teams

o    Band boosters

o    4H

  • Neighborhood Community Programs
  • Parks and recreation
  • County or state events that benefit the community (e.g. fairs, town halls, rodeos)
  • Faith-based organizations that provide essential human services without requiring service recipients to participate in religious activities and/or receive religious instruction or paraphernalia
  • County or state organizations including auxiliary police or volunteer fire departments
  • Shelters and Food Banks
  • Counseling and Rehabilitation centers
  • Fundraisers for public or private primary or secondary (grades pre-K-12) schools
  • Graduation parties (i.e. Project Graduation or GradFests); (Tulsa only: giving is limited to $500 due to the number of requests)
  • Fundraisers for certified day care and pre-schools
  • Libraries
  • College or University alumni associations
  • Fundraisers for accredited hospitals and clinics

Ineligible Organizations and Requests

  • No direct employee involvement
  • Individuals within a program (including children or adults)
  • Churches
  • Religious organizations that require service recipients to participate in religious activities and/or receive religious instruction or paraphernalia
  • Organizations that discriminate by race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital status, disability, veterans status or any other basis protected by applicable discrimination laws
  • Advertising, branding or marketing campaigns for Williams products and services that are not charitable in nature
  • Organizations or national offices outside a Williams community
  • Requests directed toward customer relations or the company’s interest without employee involvement
  • Memberships, dues or entry fees for an individual or group
  • Tickets to events, other than tickets for clients of non-profit organizations or students
  • Airplane tickets or travel costs including accommodations
  • Salaries
  • Non-academic Fraternities and sororities
  • Tuition, fees, or payments in lieu of tuition
  • Alumni dues and memberships