Matching Gifts

All regular, part-time and full-time active employees, Williams Board of Directors and retirees may participate in the Williams Matching Gifts program. When requesting a matching gift for a qualified U.S. 501(c)3 or Canadian Registered charity, please complete a Matching Gift Request.

Retirees and Board Members: For information on how to use the matching gifts system click on our Retiree and Board Member User Guide.

For your initial login password or questions about the system please contact:

You will be able to change this password upon your initial login.

Active Employees: For information on how to use the matching gifts system, click on our Employee User Guide.

NOTE: To access the matching gifts system via, you will need to register and establish a password upon your initial login.  This will occur even if you have logged on to the system via the Williams network. The password established via will not stay in sync with your network password used when logging on via Williams network.

Donation Amounts

The minimum donation that will be matched is $25 and the maximum is $10,000 per employee and board member and $5,000 per retiree per calendar year. The aggregate of all donations made by Williams on behalf of an employee and board member cannot exceed $10,000 per calendar year.

The donation must be to a qualified U.S. 501(c)3, school, or Canadian Registered charity. In addition, the donation must be paid, not merely pledged with the employee/retiree/board member’s own funds or securities having quoted market value. The donation must be a personal donation of the donor and not the result of collection from multiple persons through fundraising efforts. The donor can receive no direct benefit, reward or consideration in return for the donation. If donating stock, a receipt from your broker is required that includes the number of shares and price per share at the time of sale.

Matching funds will be distributed year-round.

Is Your Gift Eligible?

Read the Matching Gifts program eligibility requirements. Contact Williams Charitable Giving by email or calling 918-573-1190 for more information.

Williams may suspend, change or terminate the program at any time. The Corporation shall determine the interpretation, application and administration of the program provisions, and its decision shall be final.