Emergency Information

Williams employeesNatural gas and natural gas liquids are flammable and potentially hazardous and explosive under certain conditions.

If you experience a pipeline emergency situation, go to a safe location and call 911 or your local emergency response telephone number and the pipeline’s emergency phone number. Call collect, if necessary, and give your name, phone number and a description of the leak and its location.

Call us immediately if you strike one of our pipelines or see someone working near them. Even minor dents, chips or scrapes are serious and can cause future leaks if the problem is not professionally repaired.

Our trained personnel will:

  • Arrive at the site of the emergency and stop or reduce product flow to the area
  • Notify and work with the appropriate emergency response officials
  • Repair the facility and restore service as soon as possible
  • Fully investigate the cause of the incident


Williams 24-Hour Control Center Emergency Telephone Numbers

System Telephone Number
Access Midstream 855-427-2875
Bayou Ethane Pipeline 800-635-7400
Black Marlin Pipeline 800-635-7400
Boreal Pipeline (Alberta, Canada) 800-635-7400
Cardinal Pipeline 800-440-8475
Discovery Producer Services (Williams Energy LLC) and Discovery Gas Transmission 800-635-7400
Gulf Coast Petrochemical & Feedstock Pipeline 800-635-7400
Gulfstream Pipeline 800-440-8475
Northwest Pipeline 800-972-7733
Transco Pipeline 800-440-8475
Williams Field Services (N.Y., Ohio, Pa., W.Va.) 800-688-6321
Williams Field Services (Wyo., Colo., N.M.) 800-635-7400
Mid-Continent Fractionation and Storage, LLC 620-834-2138 or 620-834-2111