Environmental Partnerships

Williams frequently partners with local, regional and national conservation groups to preserve, protect and enhance the quality of the environment. Some of Williams’ environmental partners include:

Marsh Resources

Williams’ Marsh Resources Inc. is a wetland mitigation banking company. Marsh Resources oversees several large wetland restoration sites that are built or under construction. The company sells mitigation credit acreage to help satisfy wetland mitigation requirements created by public and private development.

Preserving habitat

In 2011, Davidson College of North Carolina received a $40,000 contribution from Williams to support research conducted by the college’s Herpetology Laboratory, part of the Department of Biology.

The donation will help in the college’s research of bog turtles along and on Williams’ right of way in Gaston County, North Carolina. Consequently, the real beneficiaries of the funding are the endangered bog turtles, whose population is experiencing an alarming rate of decline.

The bog turtle, one of the world’s smallest species of turtle, typically measures about four inches in length and can live well over 50 years. Most recognizable by its mahogany shell and distinct  bright orange blotch on either side of its head, the semi-aquatic reptile lives in wetlands, bogs and marshes, moving frequently between wetland habitats throughout its native eastern United States. This elusive turtle spends much of its time buried in mud. Cleared pathways along the Williams right of way make ideal places to bask in the sun when it is not burrowed beneath the surface.