Did you know that you should call 811 or your state’s One Call number 48 hours before you start an excavation project? Do you know how to detect a natural gas or hazardous liquids leak?

Test your knowledge to see how much you really know about pipeline safety. Please select the group that best applies to you.

Excavator – Someone who works with excavation equipment or is involved with an excavation organization such as a construction company, a public works or maintenance group, landscapers or fencing companies

Emergency Responder – Someone who works as a first responder, including firefighters and law enforcement officers or public safety and emergency planning and management employees.

General Public – For the purposes of this survey, the general public includes all other individuals such as homeowners, residents, landowners, students, churches or businesses.

Public Officials – For the purposes of this survey, public officials include any individual elected to a position within local, state or federal government.

School Administrator – If your school is located near a pipeline or above-ground facility, it’s important that faculty, staff and administration personnel know the signs of a potential pipeline leak and the location of any pipelines near your school.

Farmers – Pipelines can shift over time due to soil erosion, deep plowing and other reasons. For your own safety and to protect your farmland always call 811 before ditching, fencing, installing drain tile, clearing land or other excavation-related activities.

Don’t forget to call 811 at least 48 hours prior to beginning any digging or excavation project.