Access Midstream Emergency Response

Though rare, pipeline failures can occur. Hazards associated with pipeline failure include line rupture, release of product, fire, explosion and, if gas is present in a confined space, possible asphyxiation.

Access Midstream has an established emergency response plan, and our operations personnel are prepared to respond and manage an emergency should one arise. We work closely with local emergency responders to provide education about our pipeline operations and how to respond in the unlikely event of an emergency.

If a pipeline emergency occurs, our personnel will respond immediately and:

  • Locate the emergency site and stop or reduce flow of the product to the area
  • Work with the appropriate public safety officials and first responders
  • Repair the facility and restore service as soon as possible
  • Fully investigate the cause of the incident to prevent similar events from recurring

For more information about pipeline safety and response guides, to request additional information or training, our emergency response plan or integrity management plan, or maps showing pipeline assets in your area, contact or call 855-255-2406.