We Make Energy Happen for Utilities

Going back decades, our pipeline roots run deep. Today, we operate long-haul natural gas transmission lines that serve utilities and power generators in America’s biggest markets. In fact, we deliver almost half of the natural gas consumed in New York City on a given day. And our transportation capacity grows year by year, as we expand our systems to meet customer needs.

Here’s how:

  • Safe, reliable natural gas transportation to growing markets
  • Investing billions to expand our system capacity
  • Operating Transco, the nation’s largest pipeline system; Northwest Pipeline, a vital system serving the Pacific Northwest; and Gulfstream, Florida’s newest interstate pipeline system
  • Storing gas to provide customer flexibility when demand fluctuates

We make energy happen for the growing Florida power generation market. On July 11, 2017, Williams placed into service the first phase of its Hillabee expansion project, expanding capacity of its Transco pipeline system by 818,410 dekatherms per day (Dth/d) to supply Florida power generators via the new Sabal Trail pipeline.

Williams has added a new delivery point in New York City through the construction of a new 3.2-mile pipeline connecting the Transco pipeline’s existing Lower New York Bay Lateral to the Rockaway Peninsula.